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Audio recording equipment, musical instruments and amplifiers, and live sound equipment are all consider Music or Sound Gear. Check out some of the following links to visit some of our pages and articles or scroll below to find anything that catches your eye or peaks your interest.

DP-ScreenshotDAWs – Check out an expansive list of the leading Software Digital Audio Workstations that are available from Audacity to Digital Performer. Browse through and read individual articles on over 20 leading DAWs.

Hardware DAWWhat is a DAW? – What does a Digital Audio Workstation actually do and what’s the difference between a Hardware DAW and a Software DAW? Learn all of this and more in this educational and informative article.

Best-DAW_SquareWhich is the Best DAW? – There are tons of great Software DAWs to choose from so how can you know which one is the best, or more correctly which one is the best for YOU?

DAW-Compare-ThumbDAW Comparison Chart – This chart lays out all of the basic key factors of over 20 leading Software DAWs in a way that you can easily compare and contrast all of the options out there.

MOTU Digital Performer

Mac: Yes Win: Yes Linux: No Audio: Yes MIDI: Yes Virtual: Yes Notation: Yes Rewire: Yes Plug-In: MAS/AU Driver: ASIO/Core Audio Price: $499 Digital Performer (DP) is made by MOTU (Mark of the Unicorn) and...

Internet DAW

Propellerhead Reason

Magix Acid Pro

Cakewalk Sonar