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Round-Ups, Reviews, and Ratings

Look below for Round-Ups of audio gear, Reviews of new equipment, or just Ratings of the gear you are lusting about. Here at theDAWstudio we don’t use a 5 Stars or 1-10 scale to rate equipment. We have a more advanced Rating System that helps you differentiate between professional and consumer equipment as well as bang-for-the-buck and quality. Click here to learn more about our Rating System to better understand the Ratings of each piece of gear.

Universal Audio LA-610 MKII

Manufacturer: Universal Audio Model: LA-610 MKII Retail: $1899 USD Street: $1599 USD Category: Analog Outboard Our Description: The Universal Audio LA-610 MKII provides high quality analog circuitry at an...

MuTools MuLab

MOTU Digital Performer

Presonus Studio One

Internet DAW