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Mixing-Basics-Strip_1Mute Button
The mute button is one of the most basic functions of an audio console. When the mute button is engaged the track is not audible (or muted). If the button is disengaged, the track is on and audible. If you don’t see a ‘mute’ button on your console, you may simply have a track on/off button or switch. When the track is in the ‘on’ position, the channel is essentially unmuted, and when the track is in the ‘off’ position, the channel is essentially muted,

Mute Automation
When automation was just a dream, the mute button was first on the wishlist. Mute was the first feature on consoles to be automated. Think about the ability to have tracks automatically turn on and off in synchronization with a project. It’s something that we take for granted now, but was a big deal and a powerful tool not too long ago.

Muting Regions
Most DAWs have the option of muting individual audio regions or clips within a track. This lets you keep your regions in place, while being able to mute certain parts to maybe try out a new arrangement or bring elements of a looped project in and out.

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