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People are always looking for a way to download Pro Tools and they are often fooled by free downloads. There is a new FREE version called Pro Tools First. Click here to find out the catch. The thing to realize is that downloading Pro Tools is one issue, but the authorization is an even bigger one. Pro Tools 8 and earlier were all authorized by having a Digidesign hardware audio interface (Mbox, 002, etc,) connected.


The tricky thing is that when you first load Pro Tools (even with the hardware connected) you have to enter an authorization code for your version of Pro Tools (this basically authorized each new version with a new code). Pro Tools M-Powered required authorization from an iLok and required that an approved M-Audio hardware interface be connected. Pro Tools 9 and later require iLok authorization and can work with any audio interface.


I have often run into people claiming that they have a legitimate copy and code for Pro Tools 7 or 8. They are probably right, but they still have to connect a Digidesign audio interface (Mbox, 003, etc.) for it to work. They usually don’t have one. Finding a crack for 9, 10, 11, or 12 is probably a trickier task and I’m not going to say if any one has figured it out yet, so don’t get fooled into paying anything for a crack or free version of Pro Tools, because it’s probably a scam.

Pro Tools does have a 30 day trial that provides the full version with a time limited iLok authorization. It does of course require that you already have an iLok, but other than that it’s not a bad way to check out Pro Tools. Click here to get the 30 day trial of Pro Tools.

If you do have a Digidesign or Avid interface and need a legitimate download, go here to Avid’s site to get the updates to the best version for your OS.

Look below for the codes:

Pro Tools 8

Pro Tools 7

Pro Tools 6

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  1. Hello,
    Could you Elaborate on the sentence “It does of course require that you already have an iLok”?
    I’m copletely new to all of this and don’t know what an iLok is, or how to get one. I just want to try out pro tools for 30 days before buying it.

    • iLok is an authorization key or dongle that looks like a USB flash drive. It holds the authorizations for software programs and plug-ins. Sadly the 30-day trial for Pro-Tools has to be authorized on an iLok to work. Check out iLok‘s website to learn more.


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