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A Designs P1

500 Series Microphone Pre-Amp


A_Designs_P1Manufacturer: A Designs
P1 500 Series Microphone Pre-Amp
Retail: $895 USD
Street: $795 USD
Category: Analog Outboard
Our Description: The A Designs P1 is a 500 series microphone preamp based on the acclaimed A Designs Pacifica. This preamp has a colored characteristic that goes the direction of the Neve 1073 and API modules, while still being more neutral, making it more usable on lead vocals and with styles other than rock or pop. This preamp is simple and versatile sounding great on most anything.

Level – Professional
Features – Just What You Need
Ease-of-Use – Super Easy
Sound Quality – Sounds Amazing
Reliability – Works Every Time
Bang-For-The-Buck – A Great Buy
Build Quality – Excellently Put Together

Manufacturer Description: A Designs Audio is proud to introduce a new line of microphone pre-amplifiers for the 500 Series. These Pre-amplifiers are original designs stemming from our inspiration of the “Quad Eight Sound”. Each has its own unique character. Depending on which microphone you use, you will be able to open a world of color and sound to inspire you and your recordings.
The P-1, is a 500 Series Format of our highly successful Pacifica.
The A Designs “EM Series” is a twist on the P-1. Each color has its own sound. This was accomplished by using different custom wound output and input transformers.


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