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DIY Acoustic Mailboxes


This design incorporates simple products that can be found at standard stores. They are called acoustic mailboxes because they look like mailboxes and they work as acoustic treatment. They add some flair while serving a practical purpose. The mailboxes are mainly absorbers, but do have some diffusion qualities with their hard curved surface. Of course, you might not be able to find these exact products, but don’t worry, you can use these principles to make your own custom mailboxes.

The Shell: AccMail-PlasticBagContainer

The shell for the mailboxes comes from a device I found at iKea. It is designed to store plastic bags being attached to the wall (it even has self adhesive strips). It comes flat, but easily snaps together.

AccMail-BlueStuffThe filling:

This acoustic filling is recycled cotton and denim insulation. This is great stuff that is easy to work with, but could be substituted by any soft fiberglass or loose fill insulation.

Color: AccMail-Fabric

The insulation is wrapped in a simple piece of fabric cut slightly larger than the insulation. Make sure that the fabric is not too tightly woven or else it will hinder absorption.

AccMail-DisplayA Few Simple Steps:

1. Assemble the mailbox (or plastic bag storage device).

2. Lay the insulation on top of the fabric.

3. Roll the insulation and fabric together into a sleeping bag type roll.

4. Push the roll into the mailbox.

5. Tuck in the sides of the fabric to cover any visible insulation.

6. Remove covers from the adhesive strips and stick it to the wall.

Watch the video below to see it all being built. Remember that this can be modified to work with crates, colanders, or even three dimensional art. Enjoy.


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