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Myth, Reality or Legend!


Pro Tools Free was a trimmed down version of Pro Tools LE 5 that let you record up to 8 tracks of audio with any interface you wanted (It came out in 2000). There wasn’t a Pro Tools demo of the full version, because you could easily download Pro Tools Free and install it on your Mac OS 9 or Windows 98 computer.

It didn’t work terribly well, but was enough to wet your appetite. Pro Tools Free was discontinued when Pro Tools moved to Mac OS X and Windows XP (2003). People have been searching for it and asking about it ever since.


Pro Tools First is the new Pro Tools Free. Avid announced Pro Tools 12 along with what they call “Pro Tools First”. Pro Tools First is a free version of Pro Tools that let’s users record up to 16 tracks of audio and includes a limited feature set of the full program (like XPand and EQ3 plugins). Watch the video below to find out more.

You can go to Avid’s page to check out and download Pro tools First.


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