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Acoustica Mixcraft


Mixcraft-Icon-600x800Mac: No
PC: Yes
Linux: No
Audio: Yes
Virtual: Yes
Notation: Yes
Rewire: Yes
Plug-In: VST
Driver: ASIO
Price: $95 – 150

Acoustica Mixcraft is a newer arrival to the DAW game but has quickly established itself as a player. Mixcraft has found a comfortable spot catering to users who have no desire to switch to Mac, don’t want to spend over $200, and want a feature packed product. Both the $90 version and the Pro Studio $165 version have countless features often only found in DAWs with five times the pricetag like live performance tools, thousands of loops and samples, and even video editing. While you won’t find many Grammy Award winning producers and engineers commenting about how they used Mixcraft on their latest project, you will find tons of ecstatic home and project studio enthusiasts who are amazed at how much better their last project turned out because they were using Mixcraft.


Visit Acoustica.com for more information.

This post is part of a larger series of articles comparing the top DAWs (Digital Audio Workstations) in a DAW Comparison Chart and answering the following questions: What is a DAW? and Which is the Best DAW for You?

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