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Acoustics Scenario 3


Acoustics Scenario

This acoustic scenario was introduced in the book “Home Studio Setup”. This design is based on the ideal setup of the author’s project studio. The studio is based around one large room multi-purposed as a control room and studio. There is an attached isolation booth and machine closet. The main room or control room is used for recording, editing, MIDI production, and mixing. Acoustically this main room is treated with a balance of absorption, diffusion, and bass trapping to provide a good recording, listening, and mixing environment. The isolation booth mainly has absorption and bass trapping in order to be relatively acoustically dead. The video below shows a narrated tour of this facility demonstrating the acoustics, wiring, and orientation of the facility.

Watch this video to see how this studio is put together, how the wiring is done, and what can be accomplished in a studio like this. The background music in the video was completely produced in the studio shown above.


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