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Chord Progression Example – ‘Let It Be’ by The Beatles


“Let It Be” by The Beatles – C Major – This song is a piano based classic. It has two basic four measure chord progressions. The chords change every two beats or twice per measure (making there a total of eight chords per progression).

Verse Progression – This progression consists of four main chords repeated throughout the progression.

| C G | A F | C G | F C |


Chorus Progression – This progression uses the same chords as the verse only switching things around to change up the feel of the song.

| A G | F C| C G | F C |


The following chords are used in both the Verse and Chorus progressions in this song.

I – C Major


IV – F Major


V – G Major


vi – A minor



Play through either the verse or chorus progression of ‘Let It Be’ with Piano or Guitar with the diagrams provided above. Notice how the use of four simple chords can create these two varying patterns.


  1. thanks its such a used progression especially in the 80s when in rome, take on me, there are so many. THeres a you tube flick that shows how many bands have used that progression to make hit after hit. Thanks for the info..would have been easy to figure out but why when you have resources like this at my hands right?



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