Ardour-Icon-600x800Mac: Yes
PC: Yes
Linux: Yes
Audio: Yes
Virtual: No
Notation: No
Rewire: No
Plug-In: VST
Driver: Core Audio/ALSA/FFADO
Price: Donations

Ardour is an open source DAW that is designed for both Mac OS and Linux. It is open source in the sense that all users are invited to make changes to the code in order to create a better product. Development and changes are slow at times because of this model and the fact that everything is driven by donations. Ardour is commonly used by tech-savvy home studio and audio enthusiasts who prefer to be more intimately connected with the development of their DAW. If you are into Linux, want to feel more connected to the inner workings of your DAW and know a little C++, you might want to check out Ardour.


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This post is part of a larger series of articles comparing the top DAWs (Digital Audio Workstations) in a DAW Comparison Chart and answering the following questions: What is a DAW? and Which is the Best DAW for You?


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