Mixing-Basics-Strip_1Chorus is an effect used to make a single source, like one voice, sound like many, like a choir. The idea is that multiple voices in a choir may be singing the same notes, but there are slight variations in pitch and timing between the two. So what chorus does is slightly delays a duplicate of the signal (10-30 miliseconds) and then varies the pitch of the delayed signal with an LFO (Low Frequency Oscillator). The frequency of the LFO speeds up or slows down the rate of pitch variation, and the amplitude of the LFO increases or decreases the amount pitch that is varied (i.e. an octave of variation vs. a ¼ step of variation). Chorus is often recognized as the warbly effect used on eerie vocals or depressing guitars. Chorus can be made into a stereo effect similar to Delay by panning the dry signal to one side and the delayed and pitch-varied signal to the other.

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