Mixing-Basics-Strip_1Delay is simply a repeat of the audio signal playing later in time (or delayed) from the original. It can also be called echo and is characterized as the sound of a signal bouncing off a distant wall or even a mountain in the overdone joke of yelling ‘hello’ in the mountains and hearing ‘hello’ repeated back to you a couple of seconds later. Delay is created in many ways and is often synchronized to the tempo of a song to enforce the rhythmic feel or create a stereo effect with the dry signal panned to one side and the delayed signal panned to the other. Many delay plug-ins and processors lock to the project tempo and give you options to set the delay by eighth note or quarter note, etc. If you only have ms (milliseconds) as an option, then use the equation below to calculate what your delay time needs to be in ms to be in tempo with your song.


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