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DIY Acoustic Difforber

How-To-Build a Difforber (Diffuser/ Absorber)


This acoustic device serves two purposes, a diffuser and absorber. Its convex curve accomplishes some diffusion while some acoustic information passes through the holes in the pegboard and is absorbed in the insulation.

Difforber-Step-1Step 1: Start with a standard 8 ft x 4 ft piece of pegboard.     

Difforber-Step-2Step 2: Curve the pegboard along the 8 ft side.

Difforber-Step-3Step 3: Attach the curved piece of pegboard to a 7 ft x 4 ft piece of plywood or 1/8th inch board. You may want to build a framework of 2 x 4’s or a cut piece of plywood to bridge the gap between the curved pegboard and the straight backing board.

SDifforber-Step-4tep 4: Fill the gap with absorptive material such as fiberglass, recycled cotton, or newspaper insulation.


Step 5: Cover the structure with fabric. It doesn’t need to be any specific fabric as long as it is somewhat permeable.

Difforber-Real-PicStep 6: Attach the structure to a wall in your studio, and enjoy.

The Effect: The finished product accomplishes both diffusion and absorption. As seen on the left the red arrows reflect off of the convex surface creating Difforber-Reflectionsdiffusion, while the black arrows represent energy that passes through the holes and is absorbed into the insulation inside. This design can be used for all types of surfaces and sizes. A studio designed with acoustic structures similar to this design covering most of the walls is going to be better sounding than a room covered in foam.

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