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Merging Technologies Pyramix


Pyramix-Icon-600x800Mac: No
Win: Yes
Linux: No
Audio: Yes
Virtual: No
Notation: No
Rewire: No
Plug-In: VST
Driver: ASIO
Price: $995-$4,995

Merging Technologies Pyramix has an advantage to some of the other DAWs discussed here. It came into the game late, so it was designed borrowing ideas from what had succeeded while avoiding the mistakes made in the evolution of other DAWs. Pyramix is not a DAW for the casual user. It is a serious audio program. It is used in major complex installations in broadcast facilities, post-production houses and mastering suites. Pyramix doesn’t hold back with advanced audio features from all real-time processing to support of multiple audio formats in a single session without conversion.

Pyramix Screenshot

Pyramix has multiple versions and is similar to Pro Tools in that it has both Native (harnesses the computer’s processing power) and DSP Accelerated (uses dedicated hardware cards) versions. It also comes in four different configurations or packs; Broadcast, Music Mastering and Post. Each has a different combination of software and features that is suited for the designated workflow. Finally, Pyramix is Windows only.

Visit Merging.com for more information.

This post is part of a larger series of articles comparing the top DAWs (Digital Audio Workstations) in a DAW Comparison Chart and answering the following questions: What is a DAW? and Which is the Best DAW for You?

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